Branding + Website

Supported Outings

Supported Outings mission is to enable anyone, regardless of ability, to have access to, and participate in educational and leisure activities.


We were chosen by Supported Outings to design & develop a one page website that promotes their services and generates inquiries. The website must be in line with the core objectives, primarily:

  • Be clean and concise on all platforms
  • Use a single page effectively
  • Use a CMS that allows for future updates


The website utilises a powerful content management sytems (CMS) that allows all aspects of the website to be easily updated. The one page design uses menu items that when clicked scroll down to the relevant section.

With social media integration, animated sliders and intelligent contact forms the website serves as a perfect showroom for their services.

Fully Responsive

Website Features

Retina Ready

Allowing you to see more pixels per square inch. Therefore, your trained eye sees a very smooth, high quality image or element and no distortion.

Responsive Contact Form

Makes it quick easy for all customer enquirers to make it through to Supported Outings. Featuring Google recaptcha for spam free submission.


Keeping the contact organized and accessible on all devices. Allowing the user to quickly expand the content they need.