Branding + Website

Kingscourt Consulting

Kingscourt Consulting Specialise in business development, sales, strategies, appraisal reports & tender Submissions. All being delivered using their unique V90+ model. With an ever growing client base they take on projects from throughout the UK and Europe. 


We were chosen by Kingscourt Consulting to design & develop a website that promotes their services along with their unique V90+ modal.  The website must be in line with the core objectives, primarily:

  • Be clean and concise on all platforms
  • Contain a responsive & fully interactive V90+ modal
  • Use modern design techniques in order to separate them from their competitors


We chose something a little different for Kingscourt Consulting to fit in closely with their needs. The 1 page animated website works on all flatforms, taking the viewer on a journey throughout the websites content.

The website uses iconography to help visually support the services list along with drop down menus.

The V90+ graphic works with interactive hotspots which really helps the model come to life on the page.

Services Breakdown

Fully Responsive

Website Features

Retina Ready

Allowing you to see more pixels per square inch. Therefore, your trained eye sees a very smooth, high quality image or element and no distortion.

Animated Hotspots

Allowing the viewer to interact with the bespoke v90+ modal. Subtle pulsing animations hint at the clickable elements to reveille further information.

Page Transitions

Animated page transitions used upon page scroll or menu selection. Making any page an exciting story to be scrolled through.