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By 13th July 2018 Special Projects

Race Report

A hot one at the weekend for the double header at Three Sisters Circuit ??

The new surface was super fast under the scorching sun. On Saturday the perimeter circuit rode well. The bike was much faster than normal off the turns due to bike improvements and the new surface. Meaning we had to change our gearing considerably by 2 teeth due to running out of gearing on the straight. Bike felt amazing and was under the lap record all day.

1st in the 50cc class in both races and 5th in both upto 500cc races. Great battles mixing it up with the bigger bikes on the nippy 50cc. But the stop start nature of the perimeter circuit proved difficult to keep the 50’s momentum going and stick with the bigger bikes on corner exit. I can usually bully my way through a few bikes that past me on the start but this proved difficult as everyone was riding much faster than normal on the first few laps.


Sunday ?

International circuit. I much prefer this layout it’s the real magic of three sisters to me. Paddock bend is super smooth and rides great on the lightweight 50cc. 50’s and 125 grids were merged which was the right choice for the situation. Had a good pace from the off in both 50 races and managed two 1st places and a new lap record. Up to 500cc managed a 3rd and 5th. Again with some quality battles with the bigger heaver bikes.

All in a mega weekend. thanks to all of PDMCC Marshals Club and all who helped with the event. Thank to my Mechanic David for a such a fast bike. And for dealing with all my moaning regarding bike setup. Big thanks to our mechanic Chris Walker who is learning every weekend and is a massive credit to the team helping things to run much smoother.

Thanks to Mark Owen & Dental Air Compressors for all their support.

Thanks for reading and see you all at the track!

Scott #37


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